The Adams Family

For Sanderson Farms family farmer, Tracy Adams, farming is more than a job, it is a lifestyle. Adams owns a two-house pullet farm in Laurel, Mississippi, and he has been growing chickens for the company for over twenty-five years. In addition to poultry, Adams’ farm also includes cattle operations.

“Tracy is a great grower due to the number of years he’s been in the business,” said Lee Hubbard, breeder-hatchery manager for Sanderson Farms’ Laurel, Mississippi production division. “He helps make decisions that don’t negatively affect performance if it’s something he’s seen in the past. He’s good at communicating with technicians and managers, is a team player and is on board to do whatever necessary to produce the best performing pullets possible.”

Farming is truly a family affair for the Adams family. He has three brothers and two nephews who farm, and his son helps him out with daily operations of his farm. Adams has two adult children and credits farming with helping to instill a good work ethic in them when they were younger.

Adams appreciates growing for Sanderson Farms because the company is friendly, family-oriented and provides great support for their family farmers. He enjoys the variety of his days on the farm and likes that there is no typical routine.

For Adams, being able to live next to the farm for any spur of the moment emergencies that might arise is ideal, and he embraces the changing technology which allows him to more efficiently manage his poultry operation remotely. “I enjoy growing chickens for Sanderson Farms,” said Adams. “It’s a good company to work with and it provides me with flexibility better than a normal job.”

Passionate about farming, Adams wants to help consumers understand that farming is a hands-on career, and farmers face many challenges to produce a quality end product. “We are working with live animals that require certain temperatures, food, water, maintenance and care,” said Adams. “They don’t just appear on your table.”

Recognizing that his farm plays a crucial part in the overall food chain for consumers, Adams strives to produce the best product possible. “I believe that a farmer’s biggest responsibility is to be able to provide a sustainable product at a reasonable cost to the consumer,” said Adams.