Buckley Farms

Raised around agricultural operations his entire life, Brady Buckley has been interested in farming for as long as he can remember. The time he spent during his childhood running cattle with his father taught him the value of hard work and fostered a deep-seated appreciation for animals and the land they are raised on.

Farming is a passion for Buckley, and he feels that it is more of a lifestyle than a job. “I come from a hard-working family,” said Buckley, “we’ve been farming this place for longer than I’ve been alive, in between growing cotton and running cattle. From my great-granddaddy to my granddaddy, farming runs in our blood.”

When Buckley began his career, he worked offshore and then as an electrician. After some soul searching, he decided he was ready to return home and find a career that allowed him to be more present with his growing family. Following advice from his father and fellow community farmers, Buckley built a three-house breeder farm in Prentiss, Mississippi, and has been growing chickens for Sanderson Farms for three years now. In addition to his poultry farming operation, he also raises cattle, horses and grows corn.

Buckley has been married to his wife, Lacie, for five years, and they have one daughter who is nearly a year old. The Buckleys attend Prentiss Baptist Church and, in their spare time, they enjoy spending time with family, roping and participating in rodeos across the Southeast.

Daily operations on the farm are managed by Buckley and his brother-in-law. For Buckley, being able to work from home and spend additional time each day with his wife and daughter are part of the joys of farming. “You can’t make it without farming,” said Buckley, “it means a lot to me to know that I help feed America.”

Like many other family farmers, he considers animal welfare as one of his primary responsibilities to the birds entrusted to his care. “Making sure your animals are taken care of is a farmer’s biggest responsibility,” said Buckley. “You want to eat something good and healthy, and you want to make sure it is well taken care of.”

To help him best care for his birds, Buckley keeps his equipment and technology updated in his houses, which keeps him aware of the status of the houses and birds at all times. Even in the midst of natural disaster or in the middle of the night, farmers are on call to tend to their flocks, and that is a calling that he takes seriously. “Farmers are probably some of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet,” said Buckley. “I’m here every single day, all year long. We’re hardworking people, I can tell you that.”