David & Tony Poultry Farm

After his business in New Orleans, Louisiana was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, Tony Nguyen was looking to get back on his feet when he was introduced to the poultry industry. With ambition and encouragement from his support system, Nguyen moved his family to Wesson, Mississippi and, in 2017, he built a 10-house broiler farm.

Nguyen has been married to his wife, Trang, for 10 years, and they have two daughters. Moving from the city to a rural farm, Nguyen’s oldest daughter enjoys the safety she feels in her new environment. “One time my daughter came home from school and said ‘daddy, I like to live on the farm because it’s much safer than living in the city,’” said Nguyen. “I’m happy that she likes to live here.”

Operations on the farm are managed by Nguyen and his business partner, David, and his wife. Working in the houses in the early morning is Nguyen’s favorite part of the day. “I think the biggest responsibility is to take care of the chickens, maintain the equipment and make sure that the equipment is in good, working order,” said Nguyen.

He enjoys growing for Sanderson Farms because of the excellent compensation, the kind management and helpful service technicians. “They’re willing to work with us and solve any kind of problem that we go through,” said Nguyen.

Knowing that his hard work each day will pay off in the long run is the most rewarding aspect of farming for Nguyen. “In my personal opinion, farming requires endurance,” said Nguyen, “you have to work consistently, be reliable and be independent to raise the chickens better and maintain your equipment.”

Advancements in technology, such as updated computer systems and better ventilation, enable Nguyen to operate more houses with less manpower. Technology allows him to be alerted of any issues that arise on the farm, and he appreciates Sanderson Farms providing appropriate veterinary care, should it be needed.

Nguyen takes pride in knowing that he is raising a well-cared for and healthy product for consumers to enjoy. “Consumers would be safe to buy our chicken,” he said, “I think our chicken is better. Just clean and better.”