The Vo Family

After working nearly 25 years amid the hustle and bustle of the garment industry in Los Angeles, California, a family referral to the poultry business prompted David Vo and his family to move to Texas for a career and lifestyle change. The Vo family settled in Calvert, Texas and built a four-house breeder farm, and they have been growing chickens for Sanderson Farms for fourteen years now.

A typical day on the farm for Vo involves making sure the chickens are fed, tending to any issues that arise in the houses and collecting eggs throughout the day. He currently employs three employees to help him with the daily operations of the farm.

For Vo, the biggest responsibility of farming is making sure the chickens are well fed and have constant access to water. Equally as important to proper feed and water supply is making sure the chickens are comfortable at all times and ensuring the animals are clean, healthy and free of diseases.

“Animal welfare is vital in a successful farming business,” said Vo. “Animals need to be taken care of to ensure quality of life and a successful business.”

Farming is a personal responsibility for Vo and he strives to take care of his birds to the best of his ability. “I really enjoy what I do,” said Vo, “that’s why I’m so passionate about it and want to educate others that farming can be a way of life, if they give it a chance.” Encouraging younger generations to pursue farming as an occupation is something that Vo is passionate about and strives daily to achieve.

Vo is married to his wife, Bich Le, and they have three adult children. In his spare time, Vo enjoys catching up on his favorite television shows and watching sports. For the Vo family, moving from a big city to the slower-paced lifestyle of the farm was a refreshing and welcome change.

With the change of pace in his personal lifestyle, Vo enjoys the flexibility of working on the farm and feels that the rewards of farming far outweigh its associated challenges. “The rewards with farming are greater because my career is less stressful, which is beneficial to my health,” said Vo.