The Davis Family

Self-employed for two decades, Jim Davis was on the lookout for an opportunity to enter the poultry industry. When Davis heard that a farm was for sale in an area close to where he was raised as a child, he quickly seized the opportunity to purchase the four-house broiler farm.

Davis has now been growing chickens for Sanderson Farms for seven years, and he also raises cattle. He and his wife, Anita, manage the day-to-day operations on the farm, and they thoroughly enjoy being able to see the fruits of their labor.

“I enjoy growing chickens for Sanderson Farms,” said Davis. “It’s a challenge every time. I try to do better with each flock.”

Married for over twenty-five years, Davis and his wife have two sons and one daughter. According to the Davises, farming has helped teach their children the importance of hard work, and sticking with something to get the job done. They are members of Moselle Memorial Baptist church, where Davis serves as a deacon. In their spare time, the Davises enjoy hunting and fishing on their land.

“Farming means pretty much the world to me,” said Davis. “I wanted to be a farmer from the time I was a little kid, and it’s just like a dream come true.” According to Davis, a farmer’s biggest responsibility is producing a good product that the customer can trust, and the most rewarding factor of farming is being able to see the results of the product he has raised.

Throughout the years of owning his farm, Davis has seen many changes in technology and farming practices. “If you don’t change, you don’t improve,” said Davis. Examples of the changes include updating from incandescent lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting and improving computer systems.

On his farm, Davis strives to provide a comfortable and safe environment for his flocks in order to produce a happy, healthy bird. “Farming is hard work, and farmers do their best to produce a good product,” said Davis. “We take pride in our work and aim to provide a good product to everyone, not just in chicken farming, but in all aspects of farming.”