The Landrum Family

With the help and encouragement of another poultry grower, Tommie Landrum decided it was time to depart from his career in sales and lead his family to the poultry industry. After searching and finding the best spot for their farming operation, the Landrums built a six-house broiler farm in Moselle, Mississippi. On their farm, the Landrums also raise cattle.

Landrum has been married to his wife, Fallon, for 18 years, and they have one son and one daughter. His wife and son help with the day-to-day operations of the farm, and he credits farming with helping his son to learn responsibility and a strong work ethic. In their spare time, the Landrums enjoy taking family vacations, fishing and hunting.

For those interested in working in the poultry business, Landrum advises they be skilled at money management. “Find a grower to shadow and work with for the duration of raising a flock to see what goes into the growing process, from set-up of the houses to the sale date,” said Landrum. “Work hard, work smart, and don’t give up.”

As with any career, growing chickens comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. As for the challenges and responsibilities, Landrum credits surprises from mother nature as the biggest challenge, and tending to rapid changes on the farm and with the flock as the biggest responsibilities.

“Tommie is a very successful grower for us because of the attention to detail he puts in each and every day,” said Britt Barefoot, broiler manager for Sanderson Farms’ Laurel, Mississippi production division. “His great work ethic, coupled with his knowledge of growing chickens, makes him special.”

For Landrum, the most enjoyable aspect of farming is being able to be his own boss and provide for his family. “Farming means I’m more available to my family,” said Landrum. “I’m able to work with them and provide financial and employment stability.”