Recognized for Distinguished Service to Sanderson Farms’ Board of Directors

Since 1974, Louis Fishman has devoted much of his career to furthering Sanderson Farms’ pursuit of its company vision for the future, including providing guidance, advice, wisdom and insight into every significant decision made by the company’s management team and board of directors.

“While not a member of the board of directors, Louis acts in many ways as the ‘conscience’ of the board, always challenging and reminding the board and management of the principles of respect, hard work, patience, understanding, dedication and, above all, honesty and integrity, on which this company was founded,” said Joe F. Sanderson Jr., chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Sanderson Farms. “His wise counsel to the board of directors and management enabled significant benefit to all company stakeholders.”

In addition to his role aiding Sanderson Farms’ board of directors, Fishman is a partner at FishmanHaygood law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a transaction practice that includes corporation law, securities, and mergers and acquisitions.

“Louis acted as an example of one who treats all persons with absolute respect and integrity for others to model,” said Mike Cockrell, treasurer, chief financial officer and chief legal officer of Sanderson Farms.

Fishman has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America, in corporate law, since that publication’s first edition in 1983. In 2009, he was named the publication’s first New Orleans Corporate Lawyer of the Year and its first New Orleans Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer of the Year in 2010. Currently, Fishman is an adjunct professor of law at Tulane Law School, where he teaches a mini-course on corporate governance.

In addition to his legal practice, Fishman was a founder of the planning committee of Tulane’s Corporate Law Institute, where he has served since 1988. He has held several key posts, including chairman, of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s section on corporation and business law and has served as a member of that section’s corporate laws committee.

“The board of directors of Sanderson Farms acknowledges and extends its gratitude to Louis for his distinguished service to the board,” said Sanderson. “His commitment and dedication are invaluable contributions to Sanderson Farms and the pursuit of our vision and purpose.”