L&T Farms

The Tran Family

After visiting a family friend in Moultrie, Lam Tran was introduced to a Sanderson Farms grower who recommended becoming a poultry farmer for the company. Following a search for a farm of his own, Tran and his brother purchased a broiler farm over four
years ago.

Now the sole owner of the farm, Tran enjoys owning his own business and growing chickens for Sanderson Farms on his eight-house broiler farm located in Norman Park, Georgia. After purchasing his farm, Tran’s entire family became interested in poultry farming.

Prior to becoming a family farmer for Sanderson Farms, Tran worked in the jewelry business. He and his wife, Thao, have been married for 25 years, and they have two sons who both help on the farm when they are not in school. The Tran family enjoys spending time together on the farm and relaxing as a family when they are not working.

For Tran, a big part of enjoying poultry farming is being able to work at his own pace. “We like growing chickens and it is not just work as it feels like a hobby,” said Tran. He even encourages members of younger generations who are looking to enter the poultry industry that with hard work, they have the potential to own and expand their own businesses in order to provide for their families.

Whenever Tran needs assistance, his flock supervisor at Sanderson Farms is quick to help. “Every time I need some help, I call and they come out to take a look right away,” said Tran. He appreciates that with Sanderson Farms, help is just a phone call away.

“Lam, his wife, Thao, and their son, Thai, put a lot of hard work and effort into producing quality chickens for Sanderson Farms,” said Evan Carter, broiler flock supervisor for Sanderson Farms’ Adel, Georgia production division. “Their work ethic is remarkable.”

The Tran family is happy they are able to grow chickens and contribute to the larger cause of feeding a growing world. “It makes us really happy that we can contribute, even though it’s a small contribution, to something as large as feeding a growing world,” said Tran.