My Sanderson Farms Story: Brent Glasgow

Brent Glasgow is the division manager at Sanderson Farms’ newest state-of-the-art poultry processing facility in Tyler, Texas, a position he has held for nearly two years now. Prior to joining the company, Glasgow worked for 14 years in the poultry processing industry, where he held the positions of internal auditor, staff accountant, financial analyst, director of supply chain, plant manager, complex manager and vice president of operations.

“The poultry industry provides a healthy and wholesome food source for people and families across the world,” said Glasgow. “Being a part of this industry makes me feel good about what I do every day. As part of a vertically integrated industry, I have an opportunity to grow myself professionally and personally by having doors to walk through into multiple departments and disciplines that our industry has available to anyone willing to work hard.”

Glasgow is a graduate of Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting. He says he enjoys working for Sanderson Farms because the company has a clear vision, clear strategy and objectives, and a team-oriented environment which supports each person to grow individually as the company grows.

“What makes Sanderson Farms special is the people, and, more specifically, each individual’s commitment to helping the company accomplish its vision for success helps to set us apart from our competitors,” said Glasgow. “I believe our leadership provides us with a clear vision of where we are going, the objectives we are expected to achieve, the ‘playbook’ to operate with in order to get there, and the resources each person needs to be successful.”

In his role as division manager, Glasgow enjoys being actively involved with his team and providing them the tools and resources necessary to be successful, which, in turn, allows the company to be successful.

“I believe the first step to motivating employees to achieve success is for me to be myself and develop an open relationship with as many of my employees as possible, which allows for open and effective communication,” said Glasgow. “Once you learn about the individual and they learn to trust you, then you can understand what motivates that employee to come to work every day and how you can help them grow in their career.”

According to Glasgow, his Sanderson Farms story is not really about himself, but instead about everyone around him. “My greatest successes have not come from inspiring speeches, they have come from helping each individual determine their purpose and how what they do every day matters to the team in achieving our overall vision for success,” said Glasgow.