Niewoehner Farms

The Niewoehner Family

Over 15 years ago, Dan and Patti Niewoehner decided they were not going to put all their eggs in one proverbial basket, and decided it was time to expand their farming operation. “We were farming row crops and wanted to diversify,” said Dan Niewoehner. “Sanderson Farms had just opened a facility in Georgia and were looking for growers in our area, and we put the pencil to the figures and decided we wanted to make the investment.”

Today, Niewoehner Farms is a six-house broiler farm located in Dixie, Georgia. In addition to poultry, they also have row crops, cattle and citrus trees on the farm. “To me, farming means having a love for the land and being a good steward of what the Lord created, and providing food and fiber to feed and clothe the world,” said Dan Niewoehner.

As chairman of the Middle South Georgia Conservation District, conservation and sustainability are very important to Dan Niewoehner, both as a poultry grower and a farmer. “We’re able to use our litter from these farms here to fertilize our land,” said Dan Niewoehner. “Conservation is very important to me. Locally, we know how many terraces we need, waterways, how much litter, how much fertilizer we can put out, and that’s the reason behind the conservation district. Every district has a different way of doing things and has different needs, but it’s very important to take care of what the Lord gives us.”

Dan and Patti Niewoehner have been married for 33 years, and they have one daughter. When not working on the farm, Dan Niewoehner enjoys fishing and cooking for family and friends. The Niewoehners are members of Quitman United Methodist Church and are extremely active in their local community and civic organizations.

The Niewoehner family understands that agriculture is important work and feel that through farming, they are able to make a positive contribution to society in order to help feed a growing and hungry world. Much like the company they grow for, they feel a personal responsibility to produce the highest quality product possible for consumers.

“I enjoy feeding and growing things for the world,” said Dan Niewoehner. “The good Lord blessed us with a creation that makes me feel honored to be a good steward and make it more productive so we can feed and clothe the world. I think that’s really important.”