Super Supervisor – Planting Seeds of Success

Super Supervisor Jose Ramirez

Since joining the company 10 years ago, Debone Supervisor, Jose Ramirez, has made a significant impact on his employees at Sanderson Farms’ Moultrie, Georgia processing facility. Although his experience in the poultry industry did not begin at Sanderson Farms, it was at Moultrie Processing that his ability to motivate and engage employees was first identified and developed.

“A new employee beginning a career in the poultry industry is like a little seed that we’ve planted in the ground that you have to water each day,” said Jose. “If we give those employees the right training, they are going to grow to become like strong trees.”

Many of the leadership characteristics that Jose exemplifies daily on the processing floor he attributes to the training he received as an employee of Sanderson Farms. “The training that Sanderson Farms offers for employees, it works,” said Jose. “The reason I say it works is because it works for me. However, there is a key to that. It’s not only hearing or attending the training, it’s about taking it to the floor and doing it every day. That’s the key. Sanderson Farms gives you everything that you need to be successful, but it’s up to you if you want to do it or not.”

Following in his parent’s footsteps, Jose began his career in the poultry industry as an hourly employee working at the same plant where his parents were working. As an hourly employee on the cone line, he quickly realized that working in the poultry business was far from easy.

Jose’s parents left the other poultry company they were working for and came to work with Sanderson Farms. After two years in the poultry industry and two promotions, Jose also came to Moultrie Processing to apply for a supervisory opening in the plant. They offered him a supervisor job on the second shift, and he quickly accepted.

Since then, Jose has worked hard, earned the respect of his employees and fellow supervisors while significantly improving the operation of his department. “I have worked with Jose for eight years, he has an excellent attention to detail,” said Darin Merritt, Division Manager at Moultrie Processing. “Jose’s department is efficient and always meets or exceeds Sanderson Farms’ expectations. He is respected by his fellow supervisors and employees because he always does the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do.”

As a result of his experience as an hourly employee, Jose understands the daily challenges of employees. “I understand my employees because I’ve been there before,” said Jose. “I know how it feels on the first day, the first week, and the first month.”

Jose’s ability to motivate his employees is clear as his department consistently has one of the lowest turnover rates at Moultrie Processing. “I feel really comfortable working with him,” said Lidia Luna, a Knife Sharpener on Jose’s team. “Jose’s special. He makes me like this job more and more every day.”