WENDY’S FARM – The Nguyen Family

“The countryside isn’t crowded like the cities. I love the atmosphere here, the environment and enjoy doing everything on the farm each day.”

– Tuan Nguyen, Palestine Production Pullet Grower –

In 2019, Tuan Nguyen had a very exciting and busy year. In July of that year, Nguyen purchased his three-house pullet farm in Grapeland, Texas, and, in September, he married his wife, Wendy. It was only fitting that he named the farm after his wife, thus the name “Wendy’s Farm.”

Nguyen first became interested in the poultry business because of family members who operate their own poultry farms. His aunts and one uncle have farms in Lufkin and Waco, Texas that grow chickens for Sanderson Farms’ Palestine and Waco production divisions. In fact, Nguyen’s uncle was the one who encouraged him to pursue a career in poultry farming.

Before pursuing a career in the poultry industry, Nguyen was a mechanical engineer. Now, Nguyen and another one of his uncles, Uncle Dinh, manage the daily operation of Wendy’s Farm. As a young poultry farmer, Nguyen has learned a lot about growing chickens for Sanderson Farms in a short period of time.

“Luckily, I have great supervisors to teach me, help me and show me everything on the farm,” said Nguyen. “They are very friendly and experienced, and now I am getting better and have more experience with growing chickens.”

Eric Woolverton, pullet flock supervisor for Sanderson Farms’ Palestine, Texas production division, commends Nguyen for being a quick learner. “Tuan came in, like a lot of other growers that have come into Palestine, with no experience with chickens and he was a very quick learner,” said Woolverton. “He asked a lot of questions and stayed shoulder-to-shoulder with our team for the first two to three months that we had new pullets in his houses. He’s done very well and is an excellent grower.”

Nguyen and his wife, Wendy, enjoy seeing the pullets with each new flock. He feels the most rewarding aspect of growing chickens for Sanderson Farms is ensuring the chickens are content and healthy. Nguyen’s goal is to give his flocks a happy and healthy life while they are at Wendy’s Farm.

In today’s time, Nguyen feels being a farmer is one of the best ways to stay safe and have a stable job. “The countryside isn’t crowded like the cities,” said Nguyen. “I love the atmosphere here, the environment and enjoy doing everything on the farm each day.”