Women in Agriculture: Andretta Moore

After over 17 years at Sanderson Farms, Andretta Moore knows a thing or two about the agriculture industry and the capacity necessary to lead and make an impact on others. Starting her career in the company’s beginning leadership training program, she has worked her way up in the operation’s ranks including working as a front-line supervisor, production scheduler and member of the company’s advanced leadership training program.

“The company’s leadership training programs provided me with crucial knowledge and skills that I use today,” said Moore. “The programs helped me with problem-solving, decision-making and the value of coordinated teamwork. Working with your peers is essential in this industry as it requires a lot of independent parts to make operations run successfully, but critical-thinking and decision-making skills are also essential to solve daily problems as a leader.”

In her current role as field employee relations manager at the company’s further processing facility in Flowood, Mississippi, Moore uses many of the skills she gained during training to empower employees to achieve their own personal definitions of success, both inside and outside of the workplace. Internally, she contributes to employee success by serving on the company’s safety committee and diversity and inclusion committee.

However, Moore does not let her passion for people stop there, she expands it beyond her role at Sanderson Farms and into her local community. Involved with local organizations like the Women’s Workers Society, Shower Power and Capital City Pride, she seeks to meet not only the physical needs of those around her, but their emotional needs as well.

“I know my faith and beliefs have been an encouragement throughout my life,” said Moore. “There were times the graciousness of others inspired me, uplifted me and provided the ability to improve myself. I want to be that for others.” From providing clothing and showers to the homeless community to enhancing lives through faith-based principles, Moore does it all, and she does it so that those who are less fortunate can be afforded the opportunity to succeed in life.

“I enjoy working for a company that not only exemplifies the highest quality in their products, but also excels in recognizing and supporting the advancement of employees,” said Moore. “With each opportunity in my career, the company continually encouraged me to learn and advance my abilities.”

Despite defying all odds for females in the industry, it was not by accident that Moore stumbled upon a career in agriculture, it was something she aspired to pursue from an early age. “Growing up, my great grandfather raised all types of animals, from pigs to cows to chickens,” said Moore. “As a result of being around livestock and animals, I was always curious about the different processes of raising animals.”

During college, Moore pursued a degree in animal, dairy and poultry science and minored in agricultural business. Even before finishing her degree, she would soon find an opportunity to put that knowledge into action in Sanderson Farms’ summer internship program, which provides an introduction to the company and the poultry industry before advancing successful candidates to the beginning leadership training program that Moore later pursued.

“Sanderson Farms provided the opportunity to fulfill my early dreams of working in the agriculture industry during my college years,” said Moore. “I began working as a summer intern at our Hammond, Louisiana processing facility. From working there, my career blossomed as I gained more interest and knowledge about the poultry industry.”

As a human resources professional, Moore sees firsthand how the company offers positions in leadership to anyone deserving of the opportunity, regardless of gender or race. “Sanderson Farms doesn’t just say there are opportunities for women, they are actively placing women into positions of leadership,” said Moore. “Whether on the board of directors or as division managers, I have seen Sanderson Farms take the opportunity to place the most qualified people into positions of authority.”

In what most would consider a predominantly male industry, Moore has found opportunity for women to excel, and promoting that opportunity is a mission she takes very seriously in her current role. “Just because the agricultural industry is mostly a male-dominated industry, do not doubt yourself or your abilities as a woman,” said Moore. “Strive for excellence and maintain integrity through dedication and following through. In doing so, you will be successful.”