Young People in Poultry: Jason Norris

Jason Norris

Manager of Engineering, Sanderson Farms

Jason Norris first became interested in working for Sanderson Farms after a conversation with a neighbor, who happened to be a longtime employee of the company. He says she told him about how Sanderson Farms treats its employees, and it sounded like a place he’d like to work. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering technology in December 2009, Norris began in the Sanderson Farms trainee program.

“I went straight into the production side of the company in the Collins, Mississippi, feed mill as a beginning trainee,” said Norris. “From there, I learned the ins and outs of the feed mill and how to be a supervisor.”

After his time in Collins, Norris was transferred to Kinston, North Carolina, and promoted to feed mill supervisor. He credits the trainee program for his success in each role he’s held at Sanderson Farms. Today, as manager of engineering, Norris oversees capital projects, sustainability efforts, and safety practices within the company. He also works to identify the latest technology within the poultry industry that could benefit Sanderson Farms.

“The most rewarding part of my job is when we’ve finished a project, and I see how the employees appreciate the work we’re doing,” said Norris. “We’ve made their job easier and safer. There’s an instant gratification that comes from making improvements to plants. That’s the best part of my job.”

After nine years working for Sanderson Farms, Norris now knows firsthand what his neighbor imparted before he joined the company – what makes Sanderson Farms stand out is how they treat their employees.

His advice to a young person considering a career with Sanderson Farms?

“It’s a great opportunity. There’s room to grow, room to climb the ladder – you’ve just got to work hard and be dedicated, and you can accomplish anything you want to do.”