Young People In Poultry: Kapri Sullivan

Kapri Sullivan

Quality Control Manager at Laurel Processing

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Kapri Sullivan attended college at University of North Carolina at Pembroke. A biology major, her initial career goal was to be a USDA inspector. At the time of graduation, there were no open inspector positions where she was considering living. When a friend from college told her about Sanderson Farms, Sullivan decided to learn more about the company.

The first of her family to work in the agriculture industry, Sullivan has been with Sanderson Farms for almost seven years. She currently holds the title of quality control manager at the company’s Laurel, Mississippi, processing plant. Sullivan began as a trainee in 2012 and has also held the positions of advanced trainee and HACCP coordinator.

“Sanderson Farms’ trainee program has allowed me to learn how the company operates, from front to back,” said Sullivan. “It’s really an amazing process, especially from the production side of the industry. The trainee program opened my eyes to the quality of the Sanderson Farms product, and it has made me feel very knowledgeable and marketable.”

Sullivan credits the trainee program for helping her discover the variety of career paths available at Sanderson Farms.

“There are many opportunities within this company to be successful,” said Sullivan. “If you feel like there’s something more for you in a different area of Sanderson Farms’ operations, you are encouraged to explore your options.”

As quality control manager, Sullivan runs a department consisting of three supervisors and 10 quality control technicians. Her team is responsible for making daily checks within the processing plant. Sullivan’s management style is hands on, and she enjoys being actively involved in the day-to-day operations of her team.

Her advice to any young person interested in a career in the poultry industry is to take time to learn as much as possible, ask questions, and discover what most inspires interest and passion.

“You’ve got to always enjoy what you do. And when you can wake up to a career that interests you, it doesn’t feel like work.”