Young People in Poultry: Maci Maness

Maci Maness

Staff Financial Analyst, Sanderson Farms

Maci Maness began her career with Sanderson Farms in 2013, after completing her accounting degree at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. While she hadn’t originally planned to work for a poultry producer, she decided to pursue a trainee position with Sanderson Farms after speaking with a recruiter.

“I had a really good opportunity with the Sanderson Farms accounting trainee program, so I felt like it was a good way to get my feet wet in the poultry industry,” said Maness. “Whether you enter right after college or as someone who has been working for the company for a while, the trainee program helps mold future managers of Sanderson Farms with the company’s core values in mind.”

During her time as a trainee at the Kinston, North Carolina, hatchery facility, Maness learned every position in accounting. When she completed the program, Maness moved on to the role of staff accountant, eventually becoming the chief accountant of her location. Currently, Maness is working as a staff financial analyst in Laurel, Mississippi, where she is responsible for working with the chief financial analyst to dive into historical data to find trends and project costs. Her work allows upper management to make decisions about the future of the company.

“I’ve enjoyed the challenges that have come with my new role. When I worked in accounting, we were dealing with mainly historical data. My new department uses that historical data to predict futuristic trends,” said Maness. “Many people wouldn’t think that the poultry industry is very complex, but it has so many layers and takes many moving parts to make a company successful.”

When Maness first came to Sanderson Farms, she identified with the company’s core values and family atmosphere. She says that even with Sanderson Farms’ continued growth, it still feels like a big family. Maness has noticed that many of the young people who are coming to Sanderson Farms aren’t leaving, but instead choosing to build their careers within the company.

“Aligning yourself with a company that is forward-looking is very important. I think many people in today’s workforce feel it’s no longer necessary to stay with a company for a certain period of time, so it’s really unique that a lot of people that come to Sanderson Farms aren’t leaving,” said Maness. “Sanderson Farms likes to produce the highest quality product available on the market, and that’s what I saw right off the bat when I joined the company. It’s really important to me to work for a company that has high standards, and Sanderson Farms really rewards their employees for high-quality work.”