All American

Dinner is Served: Practical Wisdom from Veteran Farmers


Sanderson Farms Continues Growth, Maintains Commitment to All-American Values


U.S. Poultry Industry’s Economic Impact


The U.S. poultry industry provides over one million jobs and $68.6 million in wages each year. Sanderson Farms is proud to have a positive economic impact on the 16 communities across the Southeast in which it operates. Learn more about the positive economic impact Sanderson Farms creat... Read More >

Ag Industry Misconceptions Flourish, Family Farmers Remain Steadfast


All American Chicken Compass As American as Fried Chicken


Sanderson Farms is committed to keeping and creating new jobs in the Unit... Read More >

Sanderson Farms workers standing infront of the Purina Feed and Seed plant circa 1951 70 Years of Sanderson Farms


Over the last 70 years, Sanderson Farms has grown from a small farm suppl... Read More >

Super Supervisor Jose Ramirez Super Supervisor – Planting Seeds of Success


Since joining the company 10 years ago, Debone Supervisor, Jose Ramirez, ... Read More >

Family of farmers All in the Family


When asked about the bond between family members, many of us would descri... Read More >

Coaching with a Cause


In Kinston, North Carolina on a Monday afternoon at Holloway Recreation Center, you can find Sanderson Farms employee, Kentrille Lawson, coaching the Glamorous Girls, a high-intensity, competitive dance squad. For those who know Lawson best, they would say that he has always had a very ... Read More >

Black and white image at Miss Goldy office The Sanderson Story – Celebrating 70 Years of Sanderson Farms


The Sanderson Story—a story of how one family, with plenty of honest, h... Read More >

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