Animal Welfare

Then vs. Now

The way we farm in America is constantly changing, and Sanderson Farms is proud to play a role in advancing agriculture. How we raise food animals today looks much different than it did 50 years ago - find out why that’s a good thing. Read More >

Birds in house
Happy Birds, Healthy Birds, Healthy Food

Today’s consumers are more conscientious than ever regarding where their food comes from, how it was produced and how it was grown or raised. In a 2013 poll by the American Humane Association, 89 percent of consumers surveyed stated they were very concerned about farm animal welfare, an... Read More >

Chick standing next to two eggs
Sanderson Farms’ Stance on Animal Welfare

The growing disconnect between farms and consumers can be attributed to the public's lack of knowledge about agriculture. Sanderson Farms continues to make a case for the responsible and judicious use of antibiotics in its flocks. Veterinarians weigh in on the antibiotic debate and disc... Read More >

Chickens standing in barn
Even One Infected Chicken Could Have a Global Impact

The March 2017 outbreak of Avian Influenza in Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky marked the fourth year the virus has struck the United States. Bird flu in the U.S. can impact global trade. Sanderson Farms has made great strides to ensure the strictest biosecurity methods are in place to ... Read More >