Not all Protein is the Same: Poultry’s Protein Advantage


A surprising number of American shoppers have wildly incorrect beliefs about what foods are the most protein-packed. Consumer research by Nielson found that many people didn’t make the grade when quizzed on their protein knowledge. When asked about poultry, 58 percent of consumers who... Read More >

Labels: Gimmick or Good?


Gimmick or good? This infographic explains what common labels found on chicken really mean. Read More >

Lab workers in front of tech building Technical Services Laboratory Earns Global Accreditation


In the poultry business as any other food production industry, quality pr... Read More >

Chickopedia: What Consumers Need to Know


Consumers often get mixed messages regarding some food industry terms. Some of these terms may appear on chicken labels. Here are the facts to help clear up any definition confusion. Read More >

The Rumor Roost


Many myths and misconceptions surround the poultry industry. This fact sheet outlines the truth about antibiotics, hormones, and animal welfare. Read More >

The Business of Chicken Infographic


This infographic outlines key facts and statistics about the U.S. poultry industry. Chicken is the nation's most consumed protein, and the U.S. broiler industry employs nearly 1,400,000 people. Read More >

Poultry Myths Fact Sheet


Contrary to what many believe, there is no credible scientific data supporting the idea that treating chickens with antibiotics negatively impacts human health. All chicken available to buy at the grocery store is free of antibiotic residue and added hormones. Sanderson Farms debunks so... Read More >

Sanderson Farms chicken at the market Truth in Labeling


“Natural,” “organic,” “hormone free,” “pesticide free,” ... Read More >

Advances in Animal Agriculture: What the Center for a Livable Future, Pew Commission & Others Aren’t Telling you about Food Production


The Animal Agriculture Alliance summarizes efforts made by the animal agriculture community to collaborate, fund research, and meet high food safety and animal care standards. This document details how the cattle, poultry, and swine industries have tried to enhance programs to achieve t... Read More >

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