Responsibly Raised

THI FARMS – The Bui Family


“I am proud to say Sanderson Farms has taught us and worked with us to ... Read More >

SHAFFER FARMS – The Shaffer Family


“It’s important to see the hard work Cesar and I put in pays off. Whe... Read More >

HAI VO FARMS – The Vo Family


“I enjoy growing chickens because I can be my own boss, spend time with... Read More >

BALDWIN FARMS, INC. – The Baldwin Family


“It’s important for the younger generation to learn about farming. If... Read More >

The West Family -Sanderson Farms Growers


A lot has changed since 1996, when Joe West first began growing chickens for Sanderson Farms. Today, more than two decades later, he still has four broiler houses in Bassfield, Mississippi and remembers a time when houses did not have the technology that they do today. Read More >

Poultry Fact Sheet


Homegrown: From the Farm to Your Family


As Americans become increasingly interested in food production, a movement of people demanding to know exactly where their food comes from has emerged. In a continued effort to be transparent with consumers, Sanderson Farms is pulling away the curtain and providing an honest look at how... Read More >

Keeping Chicken’s Healthy: Antibiotics and Hormones


Sanderson Farms relies on licensed, board-certified poultry veterinarians to keep chickens healthy. This infographic explains why hormones are never fed to chickens. It also addresses the safe and proper use of antibiotics. Read More >

Baby chick standing in a barn with blurred background The Truth About Antibiotics and Chicken


Sanderson Farms isn't buying into "antibiotic-free" trends. In August 201... Read More >

Chickens in house This is How We Grow our Chickens


Each week, Sanderson Farms processes more than 10.625 million chickens pe... Read More >

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