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Grains being measured in a laboratory A Balancing Act – The Science Behind an Artfully Created Feed Formula


Dr. Amy Batal is the mastermind behind Sanderson Farms' innovative feed f... Read More >

Antibiotic-free chicken: The Industry under the microscope


In March 2016, leaders of the poultry industry gathered in Barcelona, Spain, for the Ceva Poultry Vaccinology Summit. Experts discussed the impact of antibiotic-free chicken and the recent industry shift to this method of production. Dr. Ashley Peterson, vice president of science and te... Read More >

Antibiotic Use for Wellbeing


The American Association of Avian Pathologists believes that antibiotics should be used by poultry veterinarians to prevent suffering in flocks and should not be sacrificed in the name of marketing an antibiotic-free product. Antibiotic use must be minimized through preventative practic... Read More >

Antibiotic issues broaden poultry veterinarians’ role


Philip Stayer, a veterinarian at Sanderson Farms, writes about how his job has changed in response to antibiotics issues. Poultry veterinarians are being called upon by the companies they work for to answer questions about chicken production. Stayer says he is most often asked to defend... Read More >

Red chicken houses Growing Responsibly – Sanderson Farms Grower Wins Outstanding Environmental Grower Award


For Don and Barbara Grady, owners of Grady Farms in Albertson, North Caro... Read More >

Meat Producers Struggle Over Antibiotics-Related Advertising


Advertising campaigns by top American chicken producers bring the two sides of the antibiotics debate to the forefront. Some producers, such as Perdue, have taken the "no antibiotics ever" stance. While others, such as Sanderson Farms, have continued to use antibiotics in poultry. In th... Read More >

Human antibiotic resistance is not caused by the animals we eat


A 2010 survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Service found that only 0.1 per cent of 4,771 fresh meat samples contained antibiotics. Antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections are uncommon in food animals. Antibiotic resistance in humans is much more common,... Read More >

Two veternarians caring for chicks in barn Industry Experts, Veterinarians, and Sanderson Farms Discuss Issues Regarding Animal Welfare


Poultry industry experts and veterinarians debunk myths surrounding anima... Read More >

Dr. Hofacre Expresses Her Professional Opinion on Why Antibiotics Are Necessary


Dr. Chuck Hofacre, Director of Clinical Services of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia, expresses his professional opinion on the future of antibiotic free chicken and why he does not buy it. Read More >

Dr. Roney Advocates the Case for the Responsible Use of Antibiotics


Dr. Steve Roney, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Georgia, discusses why the poultry industry uses antibiotics as an important tool in maintaining flock health and explains the many implications of raising antibiotic free chicken. Read More >

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