2020 Corporate Responsibility Report


Texan by Nature


With four poultry complexes located in Texas and over 6,200 employees wor... Read More >

Carbon-Neutral Pigs and Chickens


Installing solar modules, injecting manure into the soil, planting cover ... Read More >

2019 Corporate Responsibility Report


Introducing the 2019 edition of our Corporate Responsibility Report. This year, we introduced reporting using the standards set forth by the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board for the meat, poultry and dairy sector. Read More >

Picking Poultry for the Planet


In today’s global society, consumers and businesses alike are constantly being challenged to examine the impacts their actions have on the planet. Food production alone accounts for about a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions globally. Read More >

2018 Corporate Responsibility Report


We have reached new highs in regards to electricity, water, natural gas and other areas that have reduced our impact on the environment. Read More >

Organic Livestock: Myth vs Facts


Contrary to popular belief, organic livestock farming can be bad for people, animals, and the environment. Sanderson Farms tackles common misconceptions in this mythbusting infographic. Read More >

Organic Farming – Myths vs Facts


Is organic farming really better for people and the environment? A look at the numbers says no. This infographic shows how organic farming uses more land and yields less food. Read More >

No One Says No to Food Waste


This op-ed comments that while many big brands are saying "no" to antibiotics, caged hens, and fast-growing broilers, the issue of food waste is not being discussed. The author advocates for large corporations to use their influence to push for new technologies that will make food prepa... Read More >

A Friend of Conservation


Sanderson Farms was recently honored with the Mississippi Association of Conservation District’s 2016 Friend of Conservation Award. The award was presented at the association’s annual meeting held in Jackson, Mississippi. Read More >