Processing Shift Manager

Primary Functions

  • Provides leadership in the management and administration of the processing departments to ensure most efficient and highest quality operations in that area.
  • Provides consultation and direction necessary to enable departments to meet their operational objectives.
  • Develops and carries out strategic plans and programs to produce the desired results in the processing departments at the lowest possible cost.

Major Responsibilities

  • Supervises and directs the programs and activities of shift superintendents.
  • Develops, coordinates and follows through on strategic operational goals and plans.
  • Works with the Plant Manager in assessing and planning organization design to maintain the most efficient and effective organization arrangement.
  • Selects, reviews and, if necessary, disciplines and terminates superintendents and other immediate subordinates.
  • Reviews on a daily basis reports on sales, yield, grade, daily dock, price, inventory, accounts receivable and other cost reports and information to ensure awareness of any deviation from the norm, and to spot trends and make necessary adjustments.
  • Reviews and evaluates departmental budgets to ensure their compatibility with division goals and objectives.
  • Reviews and implements corrective actions for substandard performance in each department.
  • Provides Plant Manager with reports and information as necessary or required that will enable him to review critically the packing operations of Collins Processing Division, and to provide constructive advice and guidance as to possibilities for   improvement.
  • Formulates and oversees development of short and long range strategic plans.
  • Clarifies and works toward explicit understanding of Sanderson Farms, Inc. policies and procedures.
  • Reviews and evaluates weekly reports such as production and cost reports in order to make any necessary adjustments.
  • Reviews and evaluates monthly reports such as labor variable and fixed cost, cost and equipment, plant cost, agrimetrics, product mix, comparative plant and target price versus mix reports.
  • Establishes and maintains an effective employee relations climate, as well as safety consciousness.
  • Maintains high level awareness of trends in poultry industry as well as further processed food related to poultry and communicates ideas to appropriate staff.
  • Actively pursues acquisition of information and/or skills related to the management of the processing departments as well as related services.
  • Represents Sanderson Farms, Inc. in industry groups, governmental bodies as well as community groups.
  • Maintains current awareness of governmental regulations as well as possible new legislation affecting the poultry industry.

Position Requirements

Academic: Bachelor’s Degree in Poultry Science, Business Administration, or related area of equivalent experience.

Experience: Three years management experience in poultry processing or equivalent experience.

Job Details

  • City: Waco
  • State: Texas
  • Department: Processing
  • Date Posted: May 18, 2018