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At Sanderson Farms, we believe everyone deserves access to safe, quality chicken — especially in times of uncertainty.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, we are committed to taking every precaution necessary to keep you, our employees, and the communities in which we operate healthy and safe. While there are no known signs that COVID-19 is transferable through food, we share global concerns over the spread and impact of the virus.

A Message from Our Board of Directors Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine

Farm-Raised All-American Poultry

You can have great confidence knowing that all of our chicken is hatched, raised, and processed here in the U.S., and our supply chain is safe and reliable.

Employee Safety Protocols

Hand sanitizing stations, appropriate for use in food processing facilities, have been installed at each company location, and we are reinforcing the importance of personal hygiene and social distancing practices that can help prevent the spread of the disease. All employees pass by a thermal body scanner upon arrival and are provided with personal protective equipment, including face masks, face shields, ear plugs and safety glasses. The company has increased the frequency and scope of cleaning in common and high-traffic areas, and partitions have been installed in all break rooms and all possible areas of the processing plants to help keep employees separated and protected. Additional covered break space has been provided outdoors to assist with social distancing and breaks are staggered throughout shifts. Employees who provide proof of vaccination are no longer required to wear a face mask or face shield. Ear plugs and safety glasses are required in certain areas.

Sanderson Farms has established a COVID-19 Hot Line for employees to ask questions or voice any concerns they may have.

Sanderson Farms has a staff of Registered Nurses on site to help identify and assess employees exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.  Our onsite clinics also offer the COVID-19 vaccine, free of charge, to any employees interested in receiving it.


Thanks to All of Our Employees


Our Commitment

More than ever, it is important that we do what is necessary to continue operating at the highest level possible. The federal government has stated, “If you work in health care, pharmaceutical or food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

Since the onset of COVID-19, all 12 Sanderson Farms poultry processing complexes and our prepared chicken plant, as well as our corporate headquarters, have remained normal operations. The company has not experienced any supply chain disruptions, and our logistics team continues to meet delivery needs and schedules.

During these challenging times, we are especially proud of the dedicated work of our employees, growers, and partners who support our ability to produce and deliver safe, quality chicken products to our customers and consumers. We are also grateful for all of the health care professionals, first responders, truck drivers and grocery retail employees who continue to work tirelessly to protect everyone’s health and keep an abundant food supply.

All of us at Sanderson Farms pledge to do everything within our power to ensure there is a constant supply of safe, high-quality chicken provided to the families who have depended on us for over 70 years.


See how the chicken industry’s enhanced safety measures are protecting employees and helping feed the country.

Disclaimer: Sanderson Farms opted to use face masks, face shields and protective eyewear as opposed to the plexiglass shown in some of the cone line footage seen in this video produced by the National Chicken Council.