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L&T Farms

After visiting a family friend in Moultrie, Lam Tran was introduced to a Sanderson Farms grower who recommended becoming a poultry farmer for the company. Following a search for a farm of his own, Tran and his brother purchased a broiler farm over four years ago. Read More >

Full of Life

Family farms start right with the name: family. For Carl and Cindy Fuller, their career was filled to the brim with friendships, life lessons and watching their family grow with each new flock they raised and nurtured together.Their legacy of hard work and dedication are part of what br... Read More >

NP Farm, LLC

Growing up on a farm in rural Vietnam, Phong Nguyen always knew he wanted to own and operate a farm of his very own one day. After moving to the United States, he worked in many different roles to save up his money and invest in his dream job of owning and operating a poultry farm. Read More >

WENDY’S FARM – The Nguyen Family

In 2019, Tuan Nguyen had a very exciting and busy year. In July of that year, Nguyen purchased his three-house pullet farm in Grapeland, Texas, and, in September, he married his wife, Wendy. It was only fitting that he named the farm after his wife, thus the name “Wendy’s Farm.” Read More >

SANDY BUI’S FARM – The Bui Family

Nearly 20 years ago, Sandy Bui and her husband, Le, started growing chickens for Sanderson Farms. It all started in Port Arthur, Texas, where Sandy, a cosmetologist and salon owner, was cutting hair for one of her customers, who told her about a six-house broiler farm for sale in Frankl... Read More >

NL Farm – The Le Family

As the former owner and operator of a grocery store, Nam Le understands first-hand consumer expectations about the quality of the food they bring home to their family, how it was grown and, most importantly, how much they are willing to pay for it. Read More >


Phong Dam always dreamed of owning his own ranch, and Sanderson Farms helped his dream to become a reality when he became a poultry grower. In 2018, Dam purchased his four-house breeder farm in Tennessee Colony, Texas, which was the start of Dam Ha Investments. Read More >

PHUONG TRAN FARMS – The Nguyen Family

Poultry farming is a family affair for the Nguyen family as their aunts, uncles and cousins are all poultry farmers. Phuong Tran Farm is owned and operated by Trong Dinh Nguyen and located in Ore City, Texas. Read More >


Coming from a family of poultry and cattle farmers, Joey Hooton and his wife, Lori, decided it was time for them to own a poultry farm of their own when Sanderson Farms expanded to the Tyler, Texas area. Read More >

COOK FARMS – Jereamy Cook

After 20 years of manufacturing mobile homes, Jereamy Cook was ready for a career change, and he had to look no further than the poultry industry. Just as Sanderson Farms was expanding our operations into Tyler, Texas, Cook was looking for a simpler way of life, and he quickly found tha... Read More >