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Family Farmers

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Brandon Bennett
Ashburn, GA

Farming is a 24/7 job, but it offers surprising flexibility for families. Brandon Bennett discusses the rewards of farming and the advice his father, also a farmer, gave him before starting his own.

“Work hard and you’ll get what you put in. Having a flexible schedule allows me to get my work done, and then spend time with my family.”

Randy Bryant
Coolidge, GA

Farming has its challenges, but most family farmers would tell you that it’s absolutely worth it. Randy Bryant shares how farming has allowed his family to spend time together.

“One of the biggest rewards of farming has been seeing my children, and now my grandchildren, grow up on the farm.”

Taylor Hickman
Sumrall, MS

Farming impacts lives. Taylor Hickman discusses the rewards of farming and the importance of efficiency on the farm.

“Farmers make up two percent of the American population. We’re feeding the other 98 percent. It’s rewarding to know I’ve impacted lives by producing food for the public.”

Christie Harrison
Oak Bowery, MS

From a young age, farming has taught Christie Harrison about honesty, hard work, and responsibility. She shares what farming means to her.

“Farming is love. Farming has educated my kids, fed my family, and held us together during some of the hardest times of my life. It means the world to me.”

Matthew and Holly Anglin
Laurel, MS

Farming takes determination and, above all, passion. Matthew Anglin grew up on a small farm where he developed a love for farming, which led him to begin growing poultry with his wife, Holly.

“It’s important for kids to be exposed to farming and to have the chance to develop a passion for it. Later on, after my generation is gone, who will be the farmers of tomorrow?”


Rod West
Bassfield, MS

Rod West and his brother, John David, grew up on a poultry farm as their father, Joe, has been a family farmer for Sanderson Farms since 1996. The West family takes pride in growing chickens for Sanderson Farms and helping feed a growing world.

“It gives you a sense of pride to know you are feeding people,” said Rod. “Another great thing about this job is my dad was doing it and he passed on his knowledge to me, and I will pass my knowledge to my daughter in the future.”

John David West
Bassfield, MS

Like his brother Rod, John David West has been growing chickens for Sanderson Farms since 2012. According to John David, not a day goes by without one member of the West family checking on another family member’s farm.

“Everyone shares the burden, everyone works together and we treat it as if it is one big farm,” said John David West. “We share the work, we share the land and we share the equipment.”

Phong Nguyen
Adel, GA

Like many other family farmers growing for Sanderson Farms, Nguyen takes pride in his farm, and he and his family have grown to enjoy every aspect of poultry farming, from raising the birds to routine maintenance and upkeep of the houses and grounds.

“This is the family business, and now I have more time for my family,” said Nguyen. “I want my children to see how hard we work so they can learn from it.”

Brooks Edmonson
Snow Hill, NC

Animal welfare is a top priority for all Sanderson Farms family farmers. Brooks Edmonson discusses how he works with company veterinary staff to ensure safe and healthy birds.

“If your child is sick, are you going to give them something? If my birds are sick, I’m going to have a vet come out and take care of them.”

Lora Godwin
Newton Grove, NC

Farming can be a challenging and rewarding career for those willing to take on the responsibility. Lora Godwin explains her duties as the caretaker of multiple flocks.

“It’s very challenging, as far as the commitment. I’m responsible for these birds 24 hours a day; they have to come first.”

Adam Tingen
Greene County, NC

On many farms, the entire family helps out however they can. Adam explains what working on Tingen Poultry Farm has taught his sons.

“There are a lot of young people these days who don’t understand the value of hard work. Spending time on the farm has been a big learning tool for my children.”

Jennifer Odom
Kinston, NC

Farming offers a family-friendly lifestyle to those who choose to take on the responsibility. Jennifer Odom explains how farming has allowed her to stay close to her children.

“I love the chicken business. It provides me a way to be home with my family.”

Larry Conn
Franklin, TX

Like many family farmers, Larry Conn says the most rewarding part of farming is the freedom it allows him.

“I punch in early and punch out late every day, but I call my own hours and have time to enjoy family.”

Dan Niewoehner
Dixie, GA

Niewoehner Farms is a six-house broiler farm located in Dixie, Georgia. In addition to poultry, they also have row crops, cattle and citrus trees on the farm. “To me, farming means having a love for the land and being a good steward of what the Lord created, and providing food and fiber to feed and clothe the world,” said Dan Niewoehner.

As chairman of the Middle South Georgia Conservation District, conservation and sustainability are very important to Dan Niewoehner, both as a poultry grower and a farmer. “We’re able to use our litter from these farms here to fertilize our land,” said Dan Niewoehner. “Conservation is very important to me. Locally, we know how many terraces we need, waterways, how much litter, how much fertilizer we can put out, and that’s the reason behind the conservation district. Every district has a different way of doing things and has different needs, but it’s very important to take care of what the Lord gives us.”

Bryan Horton
Adel, GA

Farming has always been important to Bryan Horton as agriculture has been in his family for generations.

“To be able to stay in business, make a living and raise a family, I had to have something that was dependable and raising chickens for Sanderson Farms has given me that steady income and dependability.”

Tran Family
Adel, GA

Whenever Tran needs assistance, his flock supervisor at Sanderson Farms is quick to help. “Every time I need some help, I call and they come out to take a look right away,” said Tran. He appreciates that with Sanderson Farms, help is just a phone call away.

Tyler Bass
Kinston, NC

Ever since he was old enough to drive a tractor on his Daddy’s farm, Tyler Bass has known no other way of life than farming.  As an adult now with three young children of his own, he hopes to inspire in the next generation the same passion for agriculture that his Dad inspired in him at an early age.

“As farmers we have a duty to produce safe and nutritious food for our communities, as well as to be good neighbors and members of the community.”