Meet Wayne-Sanderson Farms staff veterinarian, Dr. Erin Riley, who has been employed with the company since 2011. Riley grew up in Laurel, Mississippi and obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Mississippi. He also graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University in 2007, and worked in two private clinical veterinary practices before joining the company.

After working in private practice, Riley decided to change his career path to make an impact in the poultry industry. “I enjoy working with animals that have big jobs,” said Riley. Chickens provide such a great source of protein, and I take pride in seeing our product at restaurants and grocery stores.”

In addition to working with ongoing flock issues, Riley has obtained all of the official licenses and poultry-specific board certification necessary to work with Wayne-Sanderson Farms flocks spanning from the states of Texas to North Carolina. With the ever-changing landscape of the poultry industry, Dr. Riley enjoys the variety that each day holds. “My favorite part of the job is that every day presents new and different challenges, and that there is so much variety of work when dealing with breeders, broilers and hatcheries, etc.”

At Wayne-Sanderson Farms, it’s our responsibility to handle our animals properly. “Identifying and communicating chicken health problems early to our team of veterinarians allows us to respond quickly and before the problem grows,” said Riley.

The Amazing Starts with Me program’s animal pillar serves to encourage and remind employees of our responsibility to ensuring animal health and welfare, and how each and every one of us plays an active role in that responsibility. “Biosecurity is one important way each and every employee can make a positive impact on bird health by reducing their exposure to illness, which is important for their overall welfare and growth.”

Riley doesn’t let his passion for veterinary medicine stop with his professional role at Wayne-Sanderson Farms, he puts his expertise to use throughout the industry by participating in the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Avian Pathologist’s Respiratory Health Committee and the Association of Veterinarians in Broiler Production. Acknowledging how remarkable chickens truly are is important for all of us,” said Riley. “Their ability to produce so much high-quality meat in a relatively short period of time is what allows us to have good work to do. Focusing on the chicken’s welfare and productivity is paramount to our every day jobs.