Meet our corporate veterinarian, Dr. Joel Cline, who began working with the company in 2015. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Avian Medicine degrees. Since his family has been involved with the poultry industry for generations, Cline knew he wanted to work with production animals and recognized the important role veterinarians play in the industry. Prior to joining the company, Cline had 16 years of veterinary experience as a laboratory director for the Alabama Department of Agriculture.

In his role with Wayne-Sanderson Farms, Cline emphasizes the importance of educating employees about biosecurity practices. “Biosecurity is our number one protection against several devastating poultry diseases and an essential part of keeping our chickens healthy and productive,” said Cline. “In order to protect our chickens from disease, every employee should become familiar with and always follow the biosecurity plan.”

Through continual education and training, Wayne-Sanderson Farms aims to equip and empower employees with the knowledge and ability to protect our flocks by making biosecurity practices a part of everyday life. “To avoid bringing a disease-causing organism on a farm, at the very minimum, everyone must avoid contact with any birds other than those you are responsible for, limit traffic on the farms to only what is necessary, and protect the line of separation between the chickens in the chicken house and disease-causing organisms outside of the houses,” said Cline.

At Wayne-Sanderson Farms, we treat our chickens with dignity and respect because it is the right thing to do. “Respecting the animals in our care and providing for their needs is important for keeping them healthy and productive,” said Cline. “However, our commitment to provide superior animal care goes beyond our obligation to treat our animals with dignity and respect – it’s a commitment to provide people with products they know and trust – which isn’t a one-track approach.” By encouraging employees to make biosecurity a number one priority and providing expert care for our flocks, our customers are the beneficiary of a quality end product that was raised responsibly.