One summer at the Poultry Research and Diagnostic Laboratory in Pearl, Mississippi was all it took to convince Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ staff veterinarian, Dr. Randi Cran, that the poultry industry was the right fit for her as an aspiring college student. Even though both her father and grandfather had worked in poultry production, she was unsure of her future career path until spending time with two poultry veterinarians at the laboratory.

“I really enjoyed my time at the lab, and enjoyed learning more about the business,” said Cran. “After additional shadowing with various poultry production positions, I realized to work in the capacity I wanted to, I needed to go to veterinary school.”

During her undergraduate course work prior to beginning veterinary school, Cran also spent time in the company’s summer internship program, which is when she set her aspirations on joining their veterinary team full-time. “Mississippi is my home, and the poultry industry supports a lot of people in this state,” said Cran. “I wanted to be a part of something that not only helps feed the world, but also does so much for my home state.”

Shortly after graduation from veterinary school and an 18-month poultry specialty program at the University of Georgia, that is exactly what Cran did, join the company full-time as a staff veterinarian in 2019 and help feed the world by ensuring the birds underneath Wayne-Sanderson Farms’ care had the very best veterinary care and attention. “Each person at this company is held to a high level of accountability,” said Cran. “The high expectations we have for our people is what translates to superior animal care for our birds.”

Providing that superior animal care means collaborating with many people across the company’s live production team including managers, flock supervisors, family farmers and consulting specialists. “Each of these individuals differs in training and has something to teach me,” said Cran. “Tremendous variety from one day to the next makes the work week go quickly and is my favorite aspect of the job.”

Cran earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from William Carey University, and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree from Mississippi State University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Avian Medicine degree from The University of Georgia, and is a member of the American Association of Avian Pathologists.

Constant learning is one of Cran’s passions and one she hopes future generations of the poultry industry adopt. “Ask questions when you are young,” said Cran. “People who are passionate about what they do love to teach others. Take advantage of that opportunity and never assume you know everything a job entails.”