Our History

As Rich As Our
Chicken Is Delicious.

Purina Feed and Seed Store 1951


Humble Beginnings

D.R. Sanderson opens a family supply store to help local farmers get the highest quality feed, seed, and fertilizer. Our passion to serve the local community has always been our driving force.

All American

From the very beginning, the Sanderson family has been committed to American quality and traditional values. We don’t see that changing anytime soon. Look through our 70th Anniversary timeline to get a glimpse of who we are and where we come from.


Family Bonds

D.R. Sanderson, Sr. and his two sons, D.R. and Joe Frank, form “Sanderson Brothers,” marking the beginning of an exciting and prosperous journey for the Sanderson family.

Lady with Egg Basket


On Up

“Sanderson Brothers” incorporates and becomes “Sanderson Brothers Farms.” Who could have guessed that in time we would grow into the only Fortune 1000 company headquartered in the State of Mississippi.

It is not our intent to simply be larger. Our vision is to be special, successful, and at the very top of our industry.

Joe Frank Sanderson, Jr.

Dedication Opening ceremony at Laurel
Old GO Miss Goldy Logo


A New Dawn For Sanderson

Sanderson Farms, Inc., forms and the Miss Goldy trade name is adopted from a small-town farm supply business to an official poultry supplier.

We Take Great Pride In The Way We Produce Our Products.

Learn more about our process and the care we take in raising our chickens.

1987 Ribbon Cutting at Feed Mill


At Your Service

Sanderson Farms expands and acquires a prepared foods plant, National Prepared Foods, in Flowood, MS. Controlling every aspect of our operation has helped us be the most efficient company we could be.

Sanderson Farms goes public 1987


Sanderson Goes Public

Marking yet another milestone for the company, Sanderson Farms goes public. It’s a momentous event for the business as stock trades on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol SAFM.

As we continue to move the company forward, we will do so without losing sight of our traditional values.

Joe Frank Sanderson, Jr.

D.R. Sanderson
Joe Sanderson Junior
Joe Sanderson Senior


Keeping The Family Ties

Joe F. Sanderson, Jr. is named president of the company and representing the third generation of Sandersons to take the leadership role. To this day, Joe continues the legacy of quality and integrity that his grandfather established over 70 years ago.

Quality has been our top priority from the very start. For decades we’ve produced chicken that we’re proud of and can gladly serve our families and customers.

Sanderson Farms Championship Trophy


Giving Back

We kick off the Sanderson Farms Championship golf tournament on the PGA TOUR. It’s one of the many ways Sanderson invests in the community, and it is a cause we are committed to well into the future.

New Plants

A fully operating complex is built located in Smith and Wood Counties, Texas, which opened in January 2019 and includes a new feed mill, hatchery, poultry processing plant and waste water treatment facility.

Together these facilities comprise a state-of-the-art poultry complex with the capacity to process 1.3 million birds per week for retail chill pack customers. At full capacity, the complex will employ approximately 1,700 people and will require 80 contract growers.


It's Our Way

Since 1999, when computer records began recording charitable contributions, Sanderson Farms and employees have donated over $10 million to local United Way organizations across the South.


In Times of Need

Since 2011, Sanderson Farms has donated $12 million to various charities, as well as over 2.4 million pounds of product to disaster and hurricane relief efforts in communities of most need.


Texas Gets a Little Bigger

The Tyler, TX, complex – our fourth Texas-based retail poultry complex – opens in January 2019.

A Good Place to Grow

Sanderson Farms is named among America’s Best Employers by Forbes Magazine.

With over 18,000 employees and 1000+ growers, Sanderson Farms is the third largest poultry producer in the nation and is proud to serve our families and our customers all across the United States.