COVID-19 Prevention Measures

With so much uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus and the changes we face every day, Sanderson Farms wants to reassure our employees, customers, consumers and communities that we will continue to process and ship the high-quality, safe and affordable poultry products you have come to depend on over the last 70 years.

We are continuously monitoring operations, and we continue to consult with infectious disease experts to adopt precautions and put guidelines in place throughout the company to mitigate the spread of the virus. These measures include:

  • Supplying all staff with PPE, including face masks and face shields
  • Creating additional covered outdoor space that allows employees to practice social distancing during breaks
  • Staggering employee breaks to help maintain social distancing guidelines
  • Increasing the frequency and scope of sanitation in common areas and common touch points, like break rooms and vending machines
  • Performing aggressive weekly anti-viral cleaning at all locations
  • Installing partitions in common areas
  • Installing additional hand-washing stations throughout all facilities
  • Restricting corporate travel
  • Denying access to all individuals who register a temperature of 100°F or greater
  • Restricting entry into the facility to only essential personnel
  • Training nurses and other staff members how to identify symptoms
  • Sending any personnel with symptoms home on paid sick leave until cleared to return by a medical professional
  • Sending any employee, who might have been exposed through possible contact with a positive employee, home to self-quarantine with pay
  • Creating a COVID-19 hotline to help answer employee questions or address their concerns
  • Implementing COVID-19 prevention and safety training for hourly employees
  • Constantly communicating with employees on ways to stay safe through internal monitors , outdoor signage, memos, emails, company app and staff briefings.


Our first priority is the health and wellbeing of our employees and our contract growers. As the company continues to monitor the rapidly changing environment, we will remain in daily contact with federal, state and local authorities in order to ensure we are taking any additional steps necessary to protect employees, growers, customers and consumers.