Sanderson Farms and Thrivez Poultry Bedding Host “WAY TO GROW” Event

For Immediate Release

LAUREL, Miss. – On Thursday January 22, 2015, from 10am – 1pm, Sanderson Farms, Inc.™ and Thrivez™ Poultry Bedding are hosting Way To Grow, an introduction to the Thrivez integrated poultry bedding solution, and lunch celebration of Sanderson Farms’ Values in Action. Community leaders, local growers and media are invited to attend.

The Story

Knowing better bedding leads to better birds, Ayden, North Carolina, Sanderson Farms growers Chris and Ben Stancill have taken steps to ensure their birds’ health and welfare are maximized. In partnership with Thrivez, a new purpose-grown poultry bedding, Stancill Farms is now growing this custom crop, cutting an bagging their own bedding, only a few miles from their chicken house.

“Our values put Animal Health and Animal Welfare as top priorities. Controlling our birds’ bedding source ensures comfort, dryness and strong livability for every flock. The fact that it’s a renewable resource makes it even better because we are always seeking out ways to reduce our impact on the environment. This program fits well with our values and goals for the future,” explained Sanderson Farms’ Director of Production, Randy Pettus.

“Thrivez was created with the mission of providing those who care about the health and wellbeing of their animals, an affordable, superior option to alternative by-product sources. Sanderson Farms’ leadership in the Thrivez program showcases a new model for bird bedding,” said Jeff Wheeler, CEO of Thrivez.

In partnership with farmers and landowners, the crop is grown for local customers, providing a dedicated supply for the poultry industry. Thrivez proprietary bedding is purpose-grown and custom sized, ensuring integrators and growers have maximum comfort, absorption and livability for their birds. “It is good for the environment, good for the birds and a smart step for both of our companies,” explained Stancill.

Event Details

Date: January 22, 2015, 10am – 1pm

Location: Stancill Farms

5252 Gardnerville Rd.

Ayden, N.C. 28513


Sanderson Farms, Inc. is engaged in the production, processing, marketing and distribution of fresh, frozen, further processed and partially cooked chicken. The company sells its fresh chicken products primarily under the Sanderson Farms brand name to retailers, distributors and casual dining operators located principally in the southeastern, northeastern and western United States. Through its foods division, the Company also sells, primarily under the Sanderson Farms name, further processed and partially cooked chicken to distributors and food service establishments.

For more information please visit or contact Hilary Burroughs at [email protected] or 601.649.4030.


Thrivez™ Poultry Bedding is a result of a powerful partnership between science and nature. The natural environmentally positive base of Thrivez is Giant Miscanthus, a non-invasive, high-yielding perennial crop requiring minimal water and able to withstand broad weather ranges. Because of the hearty nature of Thrivez™ crop base, it can be grown on marginal land in varying geographic regions, then harvested and packaged near each customer, minimizing environmental impact and transportation costs.

Thrivez™ is harvested dry (<20% moisture), cut, and bailed immediately in weather-resistant ag bags, providing consistent spec size and dryness.

Thrivez™ is revolutionizing the bedding market as poultry integrators and growers realize better bedding means better birds, making Thrivez™ “The One to Grow On.”

For more information about buying or growing Thrivez™, contact Travis Hedrick at 561.262.7423 or [email protected]. Media inquires contact Alicia Smith 512.917.6011 or [email protected].

Thrivez™ is a trademark of Repreve Renewables™, LLC.